Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Accidental deletion... undone!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Elbow Deep in Tank

I wanted a Vindicator for so long- ohhhhh, how I wanted one- so I was naturally thrilled to get one for my birthday last month. I sat the box on my coffee table and stared at it for hours. It stared back. Eventually, I became intimidated and put it away.

It's just so much larger and more awesome than anything I've painted before. There are so many flat areas. Should it be yellow, too, or red? It will need some sort of Word Bearers identification (you know, that stuff I should have been putting on the shoulder pads of my troops, but haven't because I'm a) lazy and b) well, no, I think "a" sums it up nicely....). I really, really hate the crazy laughing devil's head that's currently in use, and I've endeavored to come up with some sort of modification of the old, pre-Heresy flaming book icon, but it always turns out a bit lackluster.

Well, procrastination, be gone! I'm opening that box and I'm opening it today! Or at the very least, no later than Tuesday!