Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Greenstuffing for Fun and Profit-- Or Neither

Made my first attempts at greenstuffing the other night. I was trying to sculpt a loincloth of sorts onto one of my unpainted minis, and lemme tell you, friends, it was nowhere near as easy as Sculptor J makes it look. I'd finally gotten it to do what I wanted it to, when I turned it over to work on the back and stuck my big honkin' thumb right squa' in the center of my lovely, painstakingly crafted little ripples. There was cussing.

Luckily, I was able to get a tutorial from said friend-with-talent, and here are the results. I won't even begin to claim that most of this work was mine, but some of it was, and after a few final touches, I'll be posting a bunch more pictures that are entirely my own.

I did this bit on the right entirely on me ownsies! Go, me!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Why, Yes, They ARE Yellow

The Word Bearers intrigued me from my first reading of the Chaos Space Marine Codex. I hail from the Deep South's Bible Belt, and have something of a soft spot for zealotry. In my mind, the Word Bearers are the radical Catholic wing of the CSM, and I envisioned them painted accordingly: bright, clean, vivid yellows; glistening reds; pure, unsullied whites. My Word Bearers follow Chaos because therein lies the path to Enlightenment. Their skulls are not mere trophies, representative of conquest, but symbols of the Truth beneath the flesh.

The following are a couple of test models, partially or mostly finished. I hope to do a good bit of converting on the rest of the squad, adding scrolls, grimoires, banners, and the like. There's too much paint on these gentlemen, but I'm trying to curb my Simple Green addiction (mmm, jagermeister!), and the third step of recovery is learning to live with mistakes.

And finally, with left arm and backpack:

The placement of the arm drives me batty,
as it cuts across his chest and obscures most of the detailing there, but oh well.
( step three, step three, step three....)

Finally, please note that this camera is not mine, and we're not friends yet.