Monday, April 12, 2010

Why, Yes, They ARE Yellow

The Word Bearers intrigued me from my first reading of the Chaos Space Marine Codex. I hail from the Deep South's Bible Belt, and have something of a soft spot for zealotry. In my mind, the Word Bearers are the radical Catholic wing of the CSM, and I envisioned them painted accordingly: bright, clean, vivid yellows; glistening reds; pure, unsullied whites. My Word Bearers follow Chaos because therein lies the path to Enlightenment. Their skulls are not mere trophies, representative of conquest, but symbols of the Truth beneath the flesh.

The following are a couple of test models, partially or mostly finished. I hope to do a good bit of converting on the rest of the squad, adding scrolls, grimoires, banners, and the like. There's too much paint on these gentlemen, but I'm trying to curb my Simple Green addiction (mmm, jagermeister!), and the third step of recovery is learning to live with mistakes.

And finally, with left arm and backpack:

The placement of the arm drives me batty,
as it cuts across his chest and obscures most of the detailing there, but oh well.
( step three, step three, step three....)

Finally, please note that this camera is not mine, and we're not friends yet.


  1. Yes! Good to see your talent out in the blogosphere. I love the red backpack, that really brings the little bits of red together. I love the yellows, most painters I know would be very jealous. My only worry for your first guy, is that when you glue him to a base he looks like he'll be falling forward, just from the angle of his feet. If that is the case, you can always just put some angled cork-rock under him to make him level. Oh and in your last pic the black of his legs almost looks like blued metal, it's strange.

    I can't wait to see your first one finished, I think your color scheme will really pop once it's done and on the table.

  2. I seem to have posed them all like drunken sailors. Pretend that he's in the first throes of possession by a daemon big on krunk.

  3. nicely done. bright yellows with dark red. works well.

    most would be jealous. i am. i have taken several years of art classes and i still cannot paint yellow. the only thing i can do with yellow is make my hotdogs taste better.