Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Like a Lemming from the Clifftops...

Welcome to this, my inaugural posting! After months of urging from (a) well-meaning friend(s), I'm finally ready to parade my ignorance of things 40k before the eyes of the World Wide Web. Here, you will not find artfully painted miniatures or skillfully executed conversions, but you may discover ways to have more fun with the hobby, especially if, like me, you're a newcomer in a circle of long-term enthusiasts.

I was originally drawn to the Eldar because- well, I'm a girl. And yes, I'm fully aware that the urge to gravitate towards the sparkly, graceful, and disco-riffic is not a universally feminine trait, but it's my best excuse. I joyfully christened them my "Skittle Squadron" and made plans to adorn all of their bases with crystals and glittery fingernail polish. Several months of despair and three changes of paint schemes later, I began to suspect that they were not, in fact, the army for me.

Which leads us to TIP NUMBER ONE: research your army. Admiring someone else's beautifully painted models is not the same thing as enjoying painting them yourself. Very few of the newbies I know actually stick with their original troop choice. Get your hands on one of the standard troop models, paint it up, and then imagine yourself doing the exact same thing another dozen or so times. Still fun? Not for me, it wasn't. Hence, my brand-spankin' new blog about Word Bearers.....

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  1. My eyes thank you for the grey text on the black background, my soul thanks you for your profile picture.

    I totally agree with your #1 tip. I'd also suggest a 1.5: Love something about your army. Themes may be fun to think about, but they're rarely fun to build for months and months.

    I'm still curious about your weathering technique with simple-green. Pictures please.