Monday, May 31, 2010

He's a Magic Man

Added backpack, axe, banner, and collar ('cause pimpin' ain't easy).


  1. That conversion came together very well. Collar + stroke face = super creepy. The chaos star around the book is very clever indeed. Could we get pictures of his right side? I'm curious what you did on his shoulder with greenstuff. Also curious about his weapon.

  2. I gave him puffed sleeves! They're not done yet, though. The weapon is a Black Templar axe, and I refuse to show it because I'm pretty sure it has improper iconography on it. I'm a rebel.

  3. Loved your GS ability!
    The ropes and cloaks etc look pretty nice ;)

    (And you convert and play CSM, that's another right thing ;D)

  4. Thanks, Nesbet! CSM are the best because I can excuse any lack of ability with 'it's meant to be that way, it's CHAOS.'