Sunday, May 16, 2010

Odds and Ends (Sorcerer WIP)

Here we have my first attempt at sculpting with Citadel greenstuff. What joy! What bliss! What a vast and entirely welcome improvement on the garbage I've been using!

This figure is the very early stages of a Word Bearers Chaos Sorcerer, or something like that. I cast skulls to pin the fabric draped across his chest which will, in theory, cover where it meets his shoulders, but once they were dry I decided that they were too big and have thus been sent scurrying back to the bits boxes. I also have a truckload of conversion bits on the way from Horde o'Bits, which should satisfy for once and for always my need for books, banners, and scrolls.

Added a draping piece here:

So far, he consists of a normal CSM breastpiece, filed to eliminate the rivets and piping; a Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard head, filed to remove the halo; and massive quantities of epoxy and KY jelly. I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that this time, instead of my hair, it ended up in my mouth. I'll be adding a crown of horns to the top of his head and a bunch of other elements as-yet-to-be-determined. He's legit, though-

-I bled for him.

I also spent a tiny part of the day transforming a $4 set of ugly orange dice into my new D&D partners in crime. Gloss black numbers on matte black dice:

I valiantly resisted the urge to spray the sides opposite the high numbers with multiple coats of primer. I hope the universe rewards me with better rolling karma than I've enjoyed to this point.


  1. First of all, that is some beautiful sculpting. The folds look natural, which seems like the hardest part.

    I kept looking at his face and thinking that it looked like a stroke victim marine. So yes, the face/helmet is sufficiently creepy for a chaos sorcerer. The sanguinary guard open hands would work for him as well, I just saw one of them used on this blog:

    Good luck with the refurbished dice, I bet they look awesome when the black chips off the corners and the orange comes through!

  2. Thanks! I also liked the blankness of his expression- as though he's completely withdrawn from a physical reality and his mind has been wholly consumed by the spiritual. He's not as grand as the standard sorcerers, and I haven't decided yet if that bothers me. On the one hand, he might be monkish and ascetic; on the other, if he considers himself a vessel for higher powers, shouldn't he adorn himself in honor of them? Dunno, dunno.

    I sanded the edges of the dice after posting last night. It does look pretty neat....

  3. Looks great! Like the dice too.

    Please refrain from performing more blood sacrifices.